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Research / Project Management

“Josephine is an extraordinary researcher with a brilliant mind. She brought her own expertise to our project, very quickly mastered new domain knowledge, and was soon leading on developing fresh angles and approaches, and building new networks of experts and stakeholders to support our research. Josephine has consistently brought clarity and a sense of drive and purpose to complex subject matter. We feel incredibly fortunate to have worked with her.” Jo Lindsay Walton, Research Fellow in Arts, Climate and Technology, University of Sussex

“Josephine has an exceptional ability to develop, implement and manage complex projects. She has the rare skills set of project management (including managing people to allow them to deliver their best), writing and editing, and web and social media strategy. All this came together during the F4F project where Josephine took a wide-ranging proposal and used it to produce a refined and very effective comms toolkit that produced significant impact. She did that at the same time as leading the development of the F4F website. This was a complex project as it needed to serve multiple uses. I have been involved in many web development projects and the F4F website was by far the best managed, and produced the best outcomes.” James Dyke, Associate Professor in Earth Systems Science and Assistant; Director, Global Systems Institute, University of Exeter; and Academic Lead, Faculty for a Future

Training / Workshops

“Josephine developed a bespoke training programme for our research and communications teams that was tailored to our specific requirements and to our mission to shape the future of food and farming. Over the course of a full-day in person workshop and a series of follow up sessions, incorporating both group sessions and individual coaching, her training helped our team think more strategically about our writing, and how we can have the most impact through our work. She covered a lot of ground in a short space of time, and gave us a lot of tips and advice to use in our everyday work. The team really benefited from 1:1 coaching with her, and we’re seeing strengthened writing across the team.” Courtney Scott,  Director of Policy and Research,  Food, Farming and Countryside Commission

“Josephine delivered two workshops to researchers at the Max Planck Institute for the History of Science. Her well-structured but informal workshop style turned the often-daunting first step of finding and pitching a story into a realistic goal for our researchers — several had their articles published at The Conversation UK in the following months.” Stephanie Hood, Deputy Head of Communications, Max Planck Institute for the History of Science

Editorial / Coaching

“Josephine was one of the first editors I worked with, and though I have now worked with many, she remains, in my humble estimation, one the best. Years later, I still often fondly recall working with Josephine on longreads for The Conversation: it was a formative experience in my writing career, and I remain very grateful to Josephine for making that happen. It's not often you can say that of someone! As an editor, she is generous, insightful, and thoughtful. Academics, indeed, are probably some of the most difficult people to edit, but Josephine clearly flourished in the role. I could not recommend working with her more!“  Thomas Moynihan, Visiting Researcher at the Centre for the Study of Existential Risk, Cambridge University

“You are genuinely the best editor I have ever worked with!” Arya Assasi Langroudi, Associate Professor in Geotechnical Engineering, University of East London

“It was a real pleasure working with you. You had the insight to commission an article that has gone on to have nearly 700,000 views, and thanks to your sympathetic critical promptings, the final draft of my submission was as clear and readable as I would have wished.“ Armand D’Angour, Professor of Classics, Jesus College, University of Oxford

“I LOVED working with you and people are STILL reading the pieces we worked on together.  My writing has been far more impactful because of the way you guided me through the process. As per usual, I was thinking in  ‘academicese’ and being challenged to make this more accessible to ‘normal’ people was a learning experience I have cherished.”  Gabriele Neher, Associate Professor in Art History,  University of Nottingham

“Thanks again for everything. This was so much fun. After the time-consuming and slow academic review process this was a breath of fresh air. I really appreciate you working with me and believing in this idea." Karen Snedker, Professor of Sociology, Seattle Pacific University

“It has been a real pleasure to work with you. You did such wonderful work with the text, granting it a crisp and energetic shape through your careful working with words. It is an important and rewarding experience for researchers to write journalistically. It has given me a different outlook on my work, and new outlooks are what we need.” Maria Avxentevskaya, Postdoctoral Fellow, Max Planck Institute for the History of Science