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Josephine Lethbridge

Hello! My name is Josephine.

I work on research, communications and narrative change projects with impact-driven organisations dedicated to bringing about social and environmental change.

I’ve bridged the worlds of research and journalism for the past decade, partnering with a wide mix of people and organisations. Together we’ve crafted engaging, impactful content that has the potential to spark change, whether in the form of news stories, investigations, toolkits, research write-ups or websites.

Explore my website to get a sense of my work, or drop me a line if you’d like to start a conversation about what you do, and how I might help.

1 → Research, toolkits, reports

Project manager and lead author of a toolkit supporting experts in crafting comprehensive, personalized, honest narratives addressing today's complex social and environmental challenges.

Project manager of this online searchable database of open access educational resources designed to help educators and students of any discipline integrate environmental/social crises into curriculums.

Co-Investigator on a University of Sussex / Digital Humanities Climate Coalition research project working to capture and share best practice in measuring and reducing carbon emissions in the GLAM sector. 

2 → Journalism

I spent eight years working as a commissioning editor at news and analysis site The Conversation, most recently as Investigations Editor. Over this period I collaborated with over 1,500 academics, commissioning them to write news stories on the topic of their expertise and working closely with them to produce engaging, cutting-edge and accessible articles that would create impact.

Career highlights include a long form article on the dangers of net zero that won a Covering Climate Now award in 2022; and ‘256 stories of Haitian children abandoned by UN fathers’, an investigation that featured on the front page of the Times, was picked up worldwide, and led to multiple governmental and UN inquiries and changes to UN peacekeeper training.

3 → Training & workshops

I provide training programmes, workshops and 1:1 coaching for individuals or organisations on writing for non-specialised audiences,  finding newsworthy stories in research, and pitching stories to the media.

My basic offer will be applicable to any organisation looking to refine skills at turning research into compelling stories that stick. I also offer bespoke training for those seeking something a little more tailored to their specific objectives and areas of interest. 

Get in touch for enquiries / pricing!


Writing: the basics

Two-hour interactive session covering the basics of good writing and conveying complex information compellingly. Covering objective and audience; structure; argumentation; style and tone. Option to follow-up a task and focused feedback in 1:1 or group sessions.

Writing for the public: masterclass

Half-day or full-day workshops taking a deeper dive into the knack of coming up with compelling story ideas that maintain research integrity while engaging readers in an age of information overload. Option for follow-up sessions and/or 1:1 task feedback.

1:1 Coaching

One-off or regular coaching for individuals seeking to work on their writing skills; explore journalistic potential in a particular piece of work; or receive support in crafting, pitching and eventually writing articles for the wider media.

I am very happy to adapt or add to my training offer to tailor it to organisational objectives, incorporate your house style, tone of voice and priorities and/or craft a more in depth training programme with multiple sessions. I would work with you to co-design such a programme, but some of the elements I can provide in addition to those covered in my basic offer include:

  • Tailored writing tasks aligned with organisational objectives
  • Repurposing of the entire training offer to align with organisational or project subject area
  • Personalised tasks based on each participant’s areas of expertise and what aspects of writing they struggle with most
  • Mastering the art of crafting attention-grabbing pitches that resonate with editors
  • An exploration of techniques to use when navigating the challenge of writing about complex crises
  • Tailoring content to specific audiences; prioritising values-driven communication
  • Effective report-writing techniques
  • How to effectively communicating research findings for policy-makers
  • How to act as a social ambassador
  • The art of impactful Twitter threads
  • How to encourage people to take action based on what they read

4 → Consulting

I offer freelance services in media and communications strategy, narrative change, research, content creation and editing. Get in touch if you’d like to hear more about what I can provide, or discuss how I might help.

These are some of the organisations and projects I work with, or have done so in the past: